A Resume That Hits All the Wrong Points – Is This Your Resume?

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Take a look at your resume – really look. If you answer “yes” to any of the following points, you need to re-do your resume, today. It could be costing you jobs.

  1. Your resume gives the employer your basic background, nothing fancy – just a quick and dirty summary.
  2. You wrote it fast – you needed something quick to apply to a certain job or a bunch of jobs in a mass mail out.
  3. Your resume is from more than 2 years ago – a contemporary design doesn’t matter, just your experience!
  4. You used an online template; you simply didn’t know where to go to get a good one.
  5. You got a friend or family member to write your resume – who has time?
  6. You had your resume “re-done” by a bargain-basement “writer” from a well-known buy- and-sell online portal. It doesn’t seem to be getting you anywhere. You’re suspicious it’s not very good!

Make no mistake, if you answered “yes” to more than half of these statements, you’re in trouble. What are the repercussions? There are a bunch of things that simultaneously occur in the mind of the reader that work against you. Working from the above list, here’s the “reasons” you need to have a new resume – today!

  1. A “nothing fancy” resume says you don’t care. How will you perform on the job if you can’t be bothered to present yourself with flare?
  2. A fast resume often equals a poorly-articulated one. Not to mention typos. Typos will sink you – fast.
  3. Having a relevant, modern-looking resume says you’re “with the times.” Being out-of-date is never a good thing.
  4. Templates provided by low-cost resume “services” look exactly like that – low-cost templates. True, they’re better than nothing, but they go a long way in answering the question as to why you’re not getting any calls: they’re incredibly sterile and utilitarian looking. Not good.
  5. Make time to write your own resume and make it good. Your buddy or sister will likely put half the time YOU would.
  6. Unqualified people from these types of buy-and-sell sites will give you exactly what you pay for – a resume that is written by an under-qualified quasi-writer.

Get your resume done right – you must take the time and effort to make it the best it can be. If you can’t do it, admit it, and get a professional to handle your most important personal document.

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