3 Steps To New Employment – a.k.a Kick-Start Your Job Search!

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Job searching can be a beast in its own right. You’ve got to be stealthy, steadfast – and disciplined. Here’s three core principles you need to get comfortable with in order to tame the hellion that is “the job search.”

Get a second opinion about your resume and cover letter.

Even if you’re an expert on the topic. Sometimes we are so accustomed to our own “voice” – we don’t see that our beloved resume is, well, lacking. Ask a friend, show the guy on the subway seat next to you, display it on the local community bulletin board free to those with an opinion … whatever it takes to look anew at this all-too critical document. It’s the representation of you – it counts, big time. So make sure it’s OUTSTANDING.

Try something new – anything’ll do!

Social networking is as old as the hills – and rightfully so. Basically,social networking works – so get out there and try a new fitness class, start taking Poochie to the local dog park, take those homemade muffins to the new neighbor … odds are you’ll end up talking “shop.” Next stop, a stellar new gig!

Try – gasp – cold calling?

Yep, I said it. You’d be surprised … cold calling shows you have tenacity, energy and above all, great communication skills. People are so passive about job searching these days you’re bound to stand out! Of course keep your cold calling to a minimum – just once per potential employer will do, in a lifetime. J

Be brave – go out there and get those rockin’ jobs you know you’re meant to do. You can do it!

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