The Importance of Social Networking for Job-Finding


Believe it or not, there are some people who don’t – gasp – socialize over the Internet!

Is it you?

No problem, except when it comes to finding a new gig.

Statistics for job searching via social networking are about 67% or so higher than if you searched for jobs the old fashioned way. (Today, that’s responding to posted advertisements on employment-related websites.)

Let’s put it this way: imagine a party or some kind of gathering where you step into the room and find there’s a lot of people attending. We’re talking a colossal amount. If you were looking for a new job, this would be a great opportunity, right?

LinkedIn and Facebook see millions of users per day. Millions. From a job search standpoint, these numbers are hard to ignore.

Using social networking sites is a little less direct – you really have to have patience. The key is to post regularly, perhaps a couple times a week.  After a while, your patience will pay off as you branch out to new people, industries – and hiring managers.Next thing you know, a big-wig is contacting you – without applying directly! You’ve managed to circumvent the system by reaching that individual before they’ve even posted an advertisement.

If you’re not really the “online” type – that’s okay. But when it comes to finding new, better and more readily available employment, social networking goes a long way.

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